A Billabong external-geared pump in amazing, original condition - Delivered to Oakey in Queensland

These old Billabongs are still quite common around machinery shows, but rarely can they be found "in the wild" - and it is even more rare for them to be found in the same condition as this one  - and its paint job is original.

As cast into it, this is a genuine Billabong 5" x 5" model.

The grease caps are there except one at the back of one of the external arms (the one near the centre of the main gear). The sun was in the wrong direction, but Billabong and the size (5" x5") are cast into the housing.

This one has come from a older gentleman who just needs to clear everthing from his farm before moving to town ... and is pretty much in the best condition we have seen. It may even be too good to refurbish and repaint etc. 

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