Forrers made a quite extensive range of high-head pumps and this is one of the medium-sized ones.

As well as the standard strip-down, sandblast, undercoat and repaint, this pump has been fitted with the following new parts: cross-head pin and bush, piston rod, gland nut, bolts as well as wet-end components (buckets x 2 and gaskets).

The 1.5" suction and discharge means that your existing plumbing may well be suitable for this pump without the need to install the more expensive larger pipes needed for the larger capacity pumps. It will deliver 780 gallons per hour at 275 rpm at the pump. And ... it will deliver water to a head of 500 feet. At its maximum head, it will only need 3 hp (electric) or equivalent to do so.

Please take note of the final photos in the gallery - the pump body and pulley have been welded in a past life. Note also that the wet-end has been modified, but is fully serviceable. The pump has been fitted with a non-commercial motor mount option.

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