They don't come any bigger than this one.

An Australian-made RAM pump - was restored for its most recent commissioning - it now needs a new home and we thought you may be able to help - you won't need a power source - "just add water" and that becomes your power.

Look at the size - the height is approx 1 metre.

Have you ever wanted to pump water for your farm or home without needing to use fuel or electricity and only undertaking limited maintenance? well this very rare Number 10 Billabong RAM pump will do that for you.

This particular Number 10 was made especially for a North Queensland Tablelands railway station so there is some history attached to it as well.

It hadn't been used for many years when it was found some time back, bought, and reconditioned by its most recent owner - he put a new stainless steel shaft in it and updated the bushes to Teflon.

It has been used for quite a few years, but noise complaints from a neighbour have, sadly, now seen it decommissioned - but that means that it is now available for you.

  • The pump has a 4" drive pipe and a 2" outlet pipe.
  • It requires 10 feet of fall on the drive ram to achieve a head of 100 feet or a 1:10 ratio to a maximum head of 250 feet. 
  • It comes complete with a stainless steel water strainer to fit the 4" inlet pipe and is approximately 10" wide and 1m long.
  • If "peace and quiet" is also an issue at your place, building a 'sound-insulating box' would keep the peace for you.

In its most recent installation, it was pumping

  • 3000 gallons per day to a head of just over 150 feet into a holding dam.
  • The most recent owner believes that it will pump around 6000 gallons a day at a head of 90-100 feet.

RAM pumps of this size are now only built for special orders, so if you would like a new one, $25,000+, plus freight will get one for you from the manufacturers. It would be possible to install 2 x Number 7s at an approximate cost of $6000 each, but you still would not get the capacity as this Number 10.

The pump is in Queensland and can be delivered - and we have received information from the manufacturers which will provide info/help with the installation at your place.

Contact us when convenient to discuss the purchase price and other relevant details.

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