A pump which is set up to make the priming process very convenient.

This pump was owned by an old farmer from western Queensland who retired  to the Sunshine Coast a number of years ago. He loved this pump so much that it came to the suburbs of the Sunshine Coast with him. Sadly, he has gone now and his family sent it to us to sell on their behalf.

This pump is in great condition. We stripped the wet-end down and cleaned it up, renewed the full wet-end kit and checked it out in general. All is more than okay given its age - just look at the photos of the gear box.

For ease of use, the owner added the additional plumbing that is shown in the photos so that the priming process happens at convenience of a turn of the tap - no carting water by the bucketful up a steep bank for this chap!

This Forrers 5" x 5" pump has a 2.5" suction and discharge. At 250 rpm at the pump, or 50 strokes per minute, it will deliver 2000 gallons per hour to a head of 250 feet. To achieve this, is only requires a 4 hp motor (electric) to do so the petrol/diesel equivalent would be approximately 6/7 hp. 

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