A used power-end with excellent gears fitted to a brand new (as in NEVER used) wet-end housing.

This pump is on consignment all the way from the Orbost region at the mouth of the Snowy River. 

When it came to us, it was completely dismantled but very clean (which is a welcome change compared with some that arrive here). The gearbox was in excellent condition. However, the wet-end was beyond salvageable.

We checked our Ajax stock purchases from back in March 2012 and, as luck would have it, we had a brand-new A4 wet-end housing sitting under a bench! We had it sandblasted and our machinist then transferred the valve seats and liner, which were in very good condition, to the new housing. He then machined a new end plate, piston plates and centre plate to make the "new" wet-end fully functional. We also added a new wet-end maintenance kit, new brass bungs, a number of new bolts and a new 16" double B-section aluminium pulley. 

A4 pumps (4" x 5") will deliver 1330 gallons per hour to a maximum head of 300 feet. To deliver to its maximum capacity and head, it will need a 3 hp (electric) motor to drive it. It suction and discharge fittings are each 2". The minimum size of your delivery piping will also need to be 2". 

As a result of the above, this pump is ready to go and should "keep on keeping on" for many years to come!

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