A refurbished Forrers 4" x 6" pump with new parts replacing most of the "guts" of this unit.

Many years ago, this pump watered a banana plantation in its previous life and it was then cast aside as houses replaced the bananas on the NSW north coast. It truly "looked its age" when we recovered it. However, when we eventually opened the gearbox lid, hey presto, years were wiped off its apparent age and its potential future was revealed. 

During its re-assembly after being stripped down, sandblasted and undercoated, it has been fitted with new innards including the complete stuffing box (including a new gland nut, gland sleeve and packing), new piston rod and brass nuts, new bolts all round, new cross-head pin and bush, new buckets and new gaskets. This pump has four brass valves in the wet-end (two large, two small). One of the large ones was broken and though it may have been serviceable, it has also been replaced with a newly-machined version.

As per the photos, this pump is yet to be fitted with a pulley which will be included prior to delivery.

This pump will deliver 1650 gallons per hour to a head of 500 feet at 250 rpm at the pump. Its 2.5" suction and discharge will require a minimum of 2.5" piping.


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