We have been "doing" pumps since 2007. Over that period, one of our thoughts was that at some point in time, we would like to have a full suite of at least one brand of pump available for you. Well ... in March 2023, we have almost made it. Check out our "Ajax Collection".

Okay ... we have manipulated the Collection slightly. The accompanying photos show the following pumps in order from front to back or vice versa. Included are the following pumps:

Ajax 1.5" (x 2), Ajax 1.75, Ajax A2, Ajax A3, Ajax A4 and Ajax A5. 

Missing from the "family photos" is an AH3 (a 3" x 5" high head pump) and Ajax A6 (a 6" x 6") - these are pumps which we don't see very often.

And, to be completely honest, even to be able to assemble this collection and manage these photos, we have "borrowed" the A4 from a customer. This pump is headed to Mannum in South Australia as soon as the Murray River is back to a level where the pump can be installed and so it is not available for sale. 

The pumps shown in these photos are currently listed in detail as follows: the A2 is PP10, the A3 is PP06, the A4 has been sold and the A5 is PP04. The smaller A1.5s and A1.75 are not separately listed on the website, but a few are usually on hand to meet their limited demand.

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