Which component of a piston pump has the least wear ... it is the housing. And ... pretty much the only second-hand parts in this pump are the gearbox/wet-end housing and air chambers. Almost every other component is brand new.

As stated above, the gearbox housing has been re-used, but the following parts are brand new:

  • main gear
  • four bearings
  • conrod pin and bush
  • crosshead
  • piston rod and three nuts
  • deflector
  • stuffing box - complete
  • piston plates
  • centre plate
  • brass cylinder liner
  • end plate and screws
  • wet-end maintenance kit (buckets, valve rubbers, valve springs, gaskets and packing)
  • connection pipe and bungs
  • pulley
  • pinion shaft - note the pinion gear was in great condition so was not replaced with a new one

The above list means that this pump is probably as close as you could get to a brand new pump today! It will last many, many years and should be trouble-free and maintenance-free for a very long time. Yes, the paint job is two-toned, but everything else is completely ship-shape.

These Ajax A2s will pump to a maximum head of 250 feet. Their suction and discharge outlets are 1.25". That means that your delivery pipe will need to be a minimum of 1.25" - however, a larger pipe is recommended to help overcome friction when pumping. This pump will deliver 300 gallons per hour and it will need a minimum of 0.75 hp (electric) to deliver that at 50 strokes per minute.

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