One of the ever-reliable Ajax A2's.

Ajax A2s are one of the most popular pumps that we obtain and resell. They are economical to install because they have 1.25" suction and discharges, meaning that you don't need to install larger diameter piping as compared with the larger pumps.

This pump, after being stripped down, sandblasted and painted, has had the following new parts fitted:

  • crosshead pin and bush
  • piston plates x 2
  • centre plate
  • brass nuts x 2 on the re-used piston shaft
  • main bull-gear shaft
  • wet-end maintenance kit - buckets, springs, valves, packing and gaskets
  • new bolts all round

Ajax A2s such as this one will pump to a maximum head of 250 feet. Their suction and discharge outlets are 1.25". Though the minimum discharge pipe size is 1.25", if possible, a larger pipe is recommended to help overcome friction when pumping. This pump will deliver 300 gallons per hour and it will need a minimum of 0.75 hp (electric) to deliver that at 50 strokes per minute. You will need to double the horsepower should you opt for a petrol engine.

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