Ajax final series of pumps was the G-Series - and this is one of them.

We can't provide dates, but the G-Series was the last of the Ajax production line for piston pumps. We've had any number of them before, but we haven't always had a tag as we do here to confirm that this is one of the "newest" Ajax pumps in circulation.

In addition to the standard sand-blast and repaint jobs, this pump has been fitted with the following new parts:

  • new piston rod complete with three brass nuts
  • new piston plates
  • new centre plate
  • gland nut
  • wet-end maintenance kit (buckets, valves, springs, gaskets and packing)
  • pinion and shaft
  • gear case baffle
  • aluminium pulley - 2V, A-section, 14"

This pump's maximum head is 250 feet. To pump to that height, you will a need 1 hp (electric) motor. Being an A3, or a 3" x 4" pump, this unit has 1.5" suction and discharge. At 50 strokes per minute or 250 rpm at the pulley, this pump will produce just under 600 gallons per hour. 

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