Dangar Gedye & Malloch - DGM - these pumps were made by Forrers but branded and sold as DGMs.

Though they carry the DGM branding, because they were made by Forrers, all parts are interchangeable - the DGM components carry the Forrers part numbers.

Being a 2.5" x 3", this pump will pump to a maximum head of 250 feet. Their suction and discharge outlets are 1.25". That means that your delivery pipe will need to be a minimum of 1.25". Should you opt to go to a larger pipe however, it will help overcome friction during the pumping process. This pump will deliver 300 gallons per hour and it will need a minimum of 0.75 hp (electric) to deliver that at 50 strokes per minute.

After being stripped down, sandblasted and repainted, this unit is now sporting the following new components:

  • main gear shaft
  • pinion and shaft
  • piston rod and three nuts
  • piston plates x 2
  • centre plate
  • wet-end kit - buckets, valve rubbers, valve springs, packing and gaskets
  • brass bungs
  • new bolts all over

This pump is ready to go!

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