Another medium-sized Forrers.

We refurbished this pump for its owner back in early 2020. An enforced change of lifestyle and changed business commitments for him means that this pump was not installed, but has been shedded during that intervening time. 

When it was refurbished, the following parts were fitted/renewed: 

  • new wet-end maintenance kit
  • new stainless steel piston rod
  • new keeper plate
  • two new valve covers

Given the period since the kit was fitted, a new one will also be included for the new owner of this pump. 

A 3" x 4" pump will deliver just under 600 gallons per hour at 50 strokes per minute or 250 rpm at the pump. It has a head capacity of 250 feet. To deliver the 600 gph to the maximum head, it will require a 1 hp (electric) motor - faster speeds would, obviously, require greater power. The suction and discharge on this pump are both 1.5".

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