This is a first for us - a Southern Cross 9" stroke pumphead.

We know little about these gems and certainly have no experience with them. What we do know though is that this one has a 9" stroke, is complete as it sits, turns over very smoothly and has gears in excellent condition. It has HD-E cast into the side of it behind the pulley. Unfortunately, we do not have the pump section to complete this unit.

We went back through our Southern Cross catalogues collection and found some additional information for you. In 1969, one was available in a range of sizes from a 4" stroke through to an 18" stroke. Prices ranged between $198 to $1,088.10. The 9" stroke at the time retailed for $453.90.

Fast forward twenty years to our next catalogue in 1989. Southern Cross had stopped printing prices in their annual catalogues by then so we can't quote prices for you but they were certainly still in production at that time.

The 1969 catalogue states that the specs for the HD-E, 9" stroke model were as follows:

  • capacity - 2100 gph to a head of 130 feet or 365 gph to a head of 467 feet
  • pulley - 19.5" diameter x 3" flat pulley
  • optional extras - mounting base for engine which fits on top of the pumphead - the one pictured has this mounting
  • weight - 456 lb or 207 kg


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